Pupa's micro Sanctuary...

...is a non-profit animal sanctuary in Holland. I am a vegan and rescue dumped bunnies and rodents and give them a new home in my garden where they can live out their lives in peace. The domestic animals who are brought here have been dumped in the wild/trash/street by apathetic people, in which they have no chance to survive on their own. Some animals are rescued from fur farms and similar hellholes. When they arrive in the sanctuary (they often arrive sick/injured), the vet provides medical care (if nessecary). Once the animals recover, they are introduced to the group. 

Molly is such a sweet dog! Very shy and modest, will never pick a fight. She loves Kiki, my other little dog, very much and follows her around everywhere. She is happiest when she's in her basket with a snack to nibble on. She deserves to be healthy so she can do those things again. 


Molly, the eldest animal in the sanctuary, gradually lost control of all 4 of her paws until she became paralyzed. Blood tests showed no signs of disease or deficiencies, so we got the vet to do an MRI scan, and she has multiple hernias

Thankfully this can be treated with surgery and physiotherapy, but the treatment is pricy. If you'd like to help support Molly, you can donate to her campaign below, and sharing it on social media is also appreciated!

All animals deserve to be free from exploitation


We are currently running a crowdfunding campaign to give our brand new sanctuary a good start. If you´d like to help us save animals, please click on the orange button below to support our crowdfunding and donate whatever amount you please. We are grateful for every single penny, and if you can´t donate, please consider sharing our crowdfunding page on social media. If you´d like more info, please click on the button below.


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I've been paying for the animals' feed, medical treatment and spaying/neutering from my own pocket for 5 years, but because the number of animals has been increasing lately, it's getting harder for me. I don't want to turn down animals who need my help, I am in this 100% for the animals, so that's where I guarantee 100% of the donation money goes to. My sanctuary is completely non-profit.